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Notice for forklift operation in winter

05 May 2017 -
Do not operate the hydraulic system before the hydraulic system oil gets hot. Otherwise, it will damage the hydraulic components.
Forklift in the driving process, need to control the speed, keep the distance away from other forklift, avoid emergency braking, 
In cold season,the braking interval need extend about 2 times than usual .
It is forbidden to steer suddenly and reduce the impact force during steering at corner to prevent breakage of the rigid structural parts.

Should be ready for season change maintenance work, make the detection of antifreeze freezing point, making it lower 5 ℃ than the local minimum temperature;
open the thermostat  and keep the temperature at about 82 ℃; make the battery electrolyte density raised to 1.280g / cm3; and make adjustment of the machine oil timely. 
If equipment work on the outdoor field, need to install thermal insulation, if necessary, install the engine oil preheating device, 
and start the engine on time,and preheat the various working systems.

Normal start-up of the engine should have sufficient warm-up time.Need to operate at low speed with  light load until the oil in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system and final drive heats up.
Equipment at work, the operation of the bucket, blade and a variety of devices need to be slow, prohibit the impact of large throttle, scraping, shovel and push, making focus on "stable" and "slow".
Winter is the season of high accidents, accounting for about 80% of the total annual accidents, and winter accidents due to operational accidents arer more than 65%.

If the temperature is below -15 ℃, the engine can not be worked immediately after the start and should make the engine  running 10-15min  according to 1000-1100r /min, 
and the transmission is  in neutral.So need to check the rigid connection and the main load-bearing parts of forklift machine regularly .